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Welcome to my new site and introduction to my new ministry. For 28 years, my ministry was known as The Rock of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama. My focus was about establishing sons and daughters of the Kingdom from an Apostolic, Prophetic foundation. In 2018, the ministry was changed to The Gates of Zion. The purpose for this change came from years of engaging the mysteries of the Kingdom. The call and invitation to "Come Up Here" was into a mysterious place we know as Zion. Those of us who were joined to this purpose were known as The Gates of Zion.

In March of 2022, I received a clear word of the Lord saying, "Well done, for the fullness of time has come to celebrate the next generations." Through the process of three months, I turned over the local fellowship to one of my spiritual sons, Damon Thompson. The local ministry is being renamed to, Homestead Mobile. I, and my wife, Robbie, will remain in full support of this change. This house will remain our home.

These changes have given me the opportunity to go "all in" to what is in my heart. And that is to go deeper into Zion. The Depths of Zion is about celebrating and engaging the mysteries preserved for those of us who are called to go deeper. In this place resides treasures that will enable the Sons to reveal the depths of our Father's heart. The deepness of this place requires the fearlessness of the Sons to go where no man has gone. It will require new ways of communication and new ways of engaging The Living Letters. Those of us who dare, will embark into new dimensions never realized. Many are called to these places. When I heard the call, I responded by saying, "Here I am, send me." It’s my destiny. If this place is calling you, then join me.

This is not a place of debate but a place to remember where we have come from and where
we are meant to belong. It is a place that has eluded believers due to the protocol and order of this place. It's time to go deeper.

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